July 4th
July 4th Picnic – Camp

July 6th
Cottage Crawl – Camp

July 20-21st
Ethnic Festival – Cultural Center

August 10th
Beer Fest – Camp

August 23-25th
Fishing Derby – Camp


September 1st
Pancake Breakfast
Camp Dining Room

September 14th
Trivia Night – Camp

October 12th
Haunted Walk & Hayride

November 3rd
Czech Dinner Party
Cultural Center




2024 Membership Dues

Sokol Detroit is a non-profit organization and a unit of the Northeastern District of the American Sokol.

Sokol is the oldest non-profit organization still in existence in the greater metropolitan area. The vision that started out in the Czech Republic in 1862 and traveled to the United States with new immigrants of one ethnicity, has become a diverse multicultural organization.

Our main focus is physical fitness for the family and the education of our members and the public to the history and culture of the Czech and Slovak people. In this way, we bring a diverse population together working toward the goal of an educated mind in a healthy body building a strong cohesive community. SOKOL is Czech for “falcon.” SOKOL is English for a great group of people bonded by a common ethnicity, heritage or interest. SOKOL has been in the United States since 1865 and has spread from coast to coast and from the northern border to the southern.