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Membership in Sokol Detroit comes with privileges and responsibilities!

What Do You Get By Being a Member and What Do You Have To Do?
It is difficult to quantify what you can get out of a family organization.
Really you get out of it what you put into it!

Here are some of the highlights

1. Members have access to both of our facilities:

Sokol Cultural Center – Dearborn Heights
Physical Fitness Classes at Discounted Rate
Czech Language School
Our Library
Social Interaction in the Club Room
Networking at any of Our Events
Use of Hall Facilities for Parties, etc.
Interaction with World Wide Sokol Organizations

Sokol Camp – Green Oak Township, MI (South Lyon/Brighton Area)
All Sports Lake Access
Beach, Volleyball, Playground
Boat Launch
Dock Spaces
Cottage Lots
Use of Camp Facilities at Discounted Rates

2. Monthly Newsletter

3. Activities and Special Events Year Round

4. Lifetime Friendships

Of course, nothing comes for free in life. We do have annual dues, mandatory work requirements (it’s work or pay), and in some instances we do charge fees for things (such as gym class or boat launching). Our By-Laws contain guidelines and rules that all members must follow. All members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings and join committees to support the organization. Members are also encouraged to volunteer at events or attend events.

We are a volunteer organization. No one is paid for what they do. We rely on members to do their fair share and more!

How Do I Become a Member?

People wishing to join Sokol Detroit need a member to sponsor them. If you don’t know a member, we suggest you attend one of our events and introduce yourself!

Membership is open to adults 18 and over. Children wishing to participate must have at least one parent be a member.

A prospective member needs to attend at least two events (get to know some people!) and then fill out a membership application. The sponsor will present the application to the general membership at a monthly meeting. If accepted, the applicant is interviewed. The applicant is initiated at the next monthly meeting and becomes a first-year member. After a year, the first-year member requests to become a voting member.

Work Hours Program: Minimum (6) hours per year of work.

Periodically, special assessments may be levied on members to raise needed funds (it doesn’t happen often).

Dues and work hours requirements are subject to change each year.